About Me

My 19th birthday gift changed my world. It was a compact Fujifilm digital camera. And It gave me the possibility to rediscover my surroundings and paying attention to things and events I didn’t see before. After becoming more interested, I attended a photography associate’s degree programs at Tehran University. During that course, I took photos of nature and portraits with analogue cameras by playing with “form”. After that, I reviewed subjects as a social documentary photographer by recording cultural details. For me, it was interesting how photography in comparison to other media, focuses on details and makes relations with the past. 

My first exhibited photography projects was a study of forms and understanding my relationship with my family and society. After a few years, I become interested in other mediums like video and installation, when photography alone wasn’t enough anymore. 

These days I’m passionate about answers to questions like how do we perceive the world? What are reality and conciseness? And reflecting my findings into my works is investigating and expressing at the same time. I also hope this website be a way to do more teamwork multidisciplinary projects with other-selves.